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White Star Title is a Houston-based title agency crafting closing experiences for residential and commercial real estate transactions nationwide and internationally.
We enthusiastically partner with residential and commercial real estate buyers and builders by crafting modern, memorable and mobile solutions for satisfying their current and future closing needs.

What is Title

Title insurance helps provide home buyers and/or mortgage lenders protection against losses resulting from unknown defects in the title to your property that existed before the closing of a real estate transaction.

Why choose white star title?

We are Progressive

In the traditional world of real estate, we are committed to curating non-traditional service options for and long-term relationships to our customers.

We are Proactive

We are not only a title company, but also a source of reliable industry information--shared consistently to empower and to educate our current and prospective customers.

We are "People-powered"

We are available to assist our clients and do so with an unparalleled desire to meet their needs and to exceed their expectations, by offering convenient closing solutions.

We are Passionate!

We are excited about each opportunity to help our clients achieve the goal of owning real estate--whether a personal achievement or professional milestone.


Real Estate Title insurance

Are you concerned with the validity of your title to your property? If so, then you have found the right place to read this. White Star Title is a leading real estate title insurance company here to help you protect against any loss resulting from an unknown defect in the title to your property. Our title agents will help you have a secure real estate transaction. So, reach out to us.

Home Closing

We understand real estate investments, which can be overwhelming. White Star Title is here to make your closing process a sound one. We provide our closing services to benefit every party, including buying, selling, leasing, or mortgaging. We assure accuracy and satisfaction among all the parties with our wide array of capabilities. 

Real Estate Title Abstracting

If you want to know what affects your property title, then White Star Title is here to offer you the best real estate title abstracting services in Texas. We will help you find out the record of the title history that will include the transfers, liens, or any other legal actions that are connected to your property. So that you can easily get title insurance. Get in touch with us today!

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